The law firm Mincato & Russo Associates is composed of lawyers specializing in several areas of law and is assisted by a group of professionals with an outstanding track record of excellence and experience. Mincato & Russo Associates aspires to add a special touch to the corporate universe by focusing on team work, reaching out to an international culture of professionalism and constantly keeping up-to date with the most recent developments in legal practice in order to master the challenges of a continuously changing world.




With this experience and through the collaboration with highly specialized and qualified professionals, the law firm provides its clients with legal assistance in the most important areas of corporate law: from Employment to contractual matters, from civil disputes in court and arbitration to M&A proceedings; from human resource management to internal auditing issues and questions of administrative responsibility of legal entities.

Our high levels of specialization co-exist in a balance with an interpretation of the role of the lawyer as a global consultant, sole agent for the client, capable of tackling and solving all the phases of the project with an interdisciplinary approach.

The associates of the law firm assist their clients in the prevalent European languages, with particular attention to English and Spanish.






The law firm Mincato & Russo Associates has its registered offices in Rome and in Milan.

The foundation of the law firm has its origin in the experience accumulated by the lawyers Nicoletta Mincato and Andrea Russo and their desire to put it to practical use.

Main fields of specialization of Mincato & Russo Associates law firm:

  • labour law: advice on an daily basis in connection with the ordinary management of labour relations (job classification and tasks, business travels, transfers and secondments, working time, compensation and incentive plans, including stock option plans, disciplinary codes and procedures, supervision of workers and privacy, waivers, settlements, etc.)
  • assistance in connection with inspections carried out by the competent authorities and the challenging of assessments by INPS, INAIL and the Ministry of Labour;
  • agency contracts;
  • workforce supply;
  • service contracts;
  • contracts relating to employment, parasubordinate and self-employment labour relationships, flexible and/or atypical work, managers and directors (including probation and non-compete arrangements, stability clauses and golden parachutes);
  • individual and collective dismissals;
  • advice on labour law matters associated with extraordinary operations such as M&A, transfers of businesses, due diligence;
  • corporate restructuring, also in connection with bankruptcy procedures;
  • drafting of collective agreements;
  • unions’ consultation and information procedures;
  • compulsory and supplementary social security;
  • corporate law (extrajudicial assistance in setting up new company or designing the best corporate governance system or the shareholders’ agreement, judicial assistance in the dispute between shareholders and company or shareholders and directors, etc.);
  • corporate administrative liability as per Legislative Decree 231 of 2001 (setting up of organizational and management models aimed to prevent corporate criminal offences, training of employees on Legislative Decree 231 of 2001, assistance to companies in case of notice of alleged offence by Public Prosecutor).

Dispute resolution: throughout the country for all professional areas, both in court (including Supreme Court) and in arbitration.

We also provide full assistance to foreign investors and multinational companies, from the set up in Italy onward.

We are accredited and short listed with various foreign public entities in Italy, such as:
  • Oficina Economica y Comercial of the Spanish Embassy in Milan;
  • Catalonia Trade & Investment, Milan;
  • Basque Trade and Investment, Milan.



Mincato & Russo Associates are a proud member of IR Global.

Our client’s needs and the reciprocity in referral work are core drivers for us to constantly seek legal, tax and business experts to add to our network with whom we strive to build seamless partnerships that enable us to deliver like-minded legal services at the highest quality levels across areas of expertise and jurisdictions.

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